Now we are talking: New community site (again)

Mar 05, 2014

Just a few days ago, we announced a new support center for zendone. It included a new community site and a ticketing system for private support. The discussions support provided by UserVoice didn’t work for us. We are replacing it with a new community site.

As soon as we started to use the new forum, we started to detect problems. Some of them, like the clunky ‘unlimited votes’ implementation, were minor, but annoying. Other problems, like the tiny writing text area, or not being able to see the recent activity in the forum, were serious deal breakers for us.

We had evaluated many options for our support center. We were not completely convinced by any of them, specially when it came to community discussions support. UserVoice looked good enough for us, but after a few days we discovered we were wrong.

So what did we do? Stop trying to look for a hosted solution. We have installed the best forum software out there, Discourse, in our own instance: Discourse is a package we have been tracking since it was announced. It is a project leaded by Jeff Atwood founder of stackoverflow. We honestly think you will be delighted by it. Some things we love are:

  • It is really fast

  • It has a wonderful editor supporting markdown. It shows how the post will look in real time, lets you upload files by drag and drop and offers autocomplete emoticons and @mentions when you are typing. And one thing we love: you can keep it open as you browse other threads.

  • It keeps individual reading state for every user, so that you can quickly see what has been going on since the last time you were in.

  • It has a powerful and configurable notification system.

  • It is incredibly powerful when it comes to functionality but it offers a very clean, uncluttered UI

  • It is designed by people who are passionated experts in forums and it is opinionated about how things have to work.

We have worked hard to import all the contents from UserVoice into the new forum. All the topics and comments are there, so it is already running our new community site. We are closing the uservoice community. We are still working on the styling, though. For now we are using the default theme, but we will change that in the next days.

We want to encourage good discussions about GTD and productivity so we have created a place for them. A proper forum structure was indeed one of the request by some of our most powerful GTD users. We think we are finally satisfying that need for good now.

We hope you are as excited as we are with the new community site!

Reuse old Uservoice and GetSatisfaction users in the new forum

Now that we have everything under our control we can finally offer a solution for this. Please see this post


New Support Center for Zendone

Feb 23, 2014

We have changed the service running our community site. We are moving from Getsatisfaction to Uservoice. We have two big reasons to do it:

  • Getsatisfaction changed its vision a few months ago. They are now targeting big companies. They went from $50/month to $1200/month with the launch of their new platform. To keep the old suscription we had to remain in the old platform, and we couldn’t access to new updates.

  • Uservoice is a more modern solution and has a lot of additional features we intend to make use of.

A great improvement is the integrated support tickets system. This will make offering private support much easier for us. We will be able to create support tickets directly from the community forums, by email or directly from the app, using the new Contact us link at the footer.

A second great addition is that we can now structure our forums in the way we want. We will start with an structure similar to the old one, but we have merged “Questions” and “Issues” and we have created an specific forum to discuss about GTD and productivity.

And finally, uservoice will let us build a knowledge base about zendone, GTD and productivity, integrated in the Support Center. We intend to start making use of this in the next days.

We have migrated the contents from GetSatisfaction. All the threads and comments have been imported.

Link old comments with UserVoice users

We are analyzing how we can link old GetSatisfaction users with the new UserVoice accounts, so that imported threads and comments are properly linked with their users. Please, for now, just go to our new support center and sign in. You can sign in with your Google Account, Facebook or just create a new profile. We will keep you posted as we treat this topic with Uservoice support. We consider this issue critical but it is not something we can fix without support form Uservoice.

See you in

We consider the discussions with our users a key part of zendone. These discussions have affected the development of zendone in deep ways and we intend to keep taking care of them. We hope the new site can help us to do it better from now on.

Thanks for being there!


Changelog for version 1.0.7

Jan 25, 2014


  • New process shortcut: ALT-M will place the focus in the comments editor
  • P will rename projects in the R&O (in addition to ALT-R)

Bug fixes

  • GMail emails collected via the new Evernote clipper looked messed up in zendone
  • The shortcut for deleting projects (CTRL+DEL) couldn’t be used for deleting mulitple projects in a row. Instead, it was making zendone restart.
  • When closing the collect dialog with CTRL+ENTER with an action selected in the Review and Organize it added a new action
  • Search shortcut wasn’t working on Windows
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Version 1.0.6 released: new dialog for browsing your existing evernote notes

Nov 25, 2013

Today we released the version 1.0.6 of the web app. It features a new dialog for browsing your Evernote notes, so you can attach existing Evernote notes to actions without leaving zendone.

The notes browser is simple but powerful. It lets you search your notes using the powerful evernote search syntax, filter them by notebook and change the sorting. These three filters are combinable.

Evernote notes browser

With previous versions, you had to copy the note link using the desktop app, and then paste it in zendone. You can still paste links in the search box of the new browser, but browsing your notes graphically is much more suitable for most situations. We think the new dialog makes a difference when you want to attach existing Evernote notes to actions.

This version also fixes a few bugs, including keeping the file extension when certain attachments were downloaded (like .doc files). This should improve the experience when opening attachments from zendone.

You will soon have news about our mobile apps:

  • We are in the final phase of testing a new version of our iPhone app. It features a next actions panel. It will be available to download in the next days.

  • A couple of weeks ago we released a new version of our Android app featuring a brand new syncing architecture and fixing a bunch of bugs. We decided to stop and rewrote that part since we were having many issues with previous versions. This version has turned out to be really stable. We are already working on adding next actions to this app too.


Changelog for version 1.0.6

Nov 24, 2013


  • New dialog for exploring your Evernote notes. You can now attach existing Evernote notes to actions without leaving zendone


  • Use your default Evernote notebook instead of creating a new default notebook as your inbox when you enable the Evernote integration the first time

Bug fixes

  • In the process dialog certain notes appeared hidden
  • Certain files attached to notes were losing their file extension when downloaded (e.g: .doc or .xls files)
  • Selecting the day 1 of January 2014 was not working on certain timezones
  • Syncing of groups of actions wasn’t working (needed for incoming mobile apps)

Changelog for version 1.0.5

Oct 23, 2013


  • Faster load time, specially for users with many actions.
  • Improved rich editor for comments attached to actions and inbox items. It will load faster and represent content more reliably. Specially with notes containing complex HTML content.

Bug fixes

  • GMail emails collected via the new Evernote web clipper were not being rendered properly in zendone.
  • The web app froze when loading users with a lot of data (hundreds of actions with big comments attached).
  • Signing up and resetting password wasn’t working fine when the email contained upper-case letters.
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Changelog for version 1.0.4

Oct 06, 2013


  • Bulk editing of contexts, delegated users and dates.

Bug fixes

  • GetSatisfaction feedback dialog within zendone showed an error screen
  • The recurring period could only been set using the spin buttons. It wasn’t being changed when typed manually.

Printing your tasks and other enhancements. Android out of beta

Jul 14, 2013

Version 1.0.3: Printing your tasks and more

We just released version 1.0.3 of the web app:

Printing your actions (premium)

We added a much-requested feature: printing your lists of actions. The new printing feature is available only for premium users. Now in the Do and in the Review and Organize sections you will find a button that will let you print your tasks.

The new feature will print the list of actions you are currently filtering in the current screen. For example, if you want to print your Waiting for list, go to the Review and Organize, select the Waiting for filter and print. The same if you want to print only your focused actions in the Do, or the result of a search. Powerful and simple.

Filtering projects by area

Now in the process screen when you select an area, projects are automatically filtered so you will only see the ones that belong to the selected area. This makes it much easier to pick up the proper project when you have many projects. We have also included an “All” area option when you just want to see all your projects.

Combos sorted alphabetically

We have made that selectors for projects, users and Evernote notebooks are sorted alphabetically. We haven’t sorted contexts and areas as we understand that in these cases manual sorting makes more sense.

Sorting actions with your keyboard

We have included new shortcuts for sorting actions with the keyboard:

  • ALT + ↑: Move selected actions up 1 position
  • ALT + ↓: Move selected actions down 1 position
  • ALT + SHIFT + ↑: Move selected actions to the top
  • ALT + SHIFT + ↓: Move selected actions to the bottom

They work in both the Do and Review and Organize and these options are also available via the popup menu by right clicking on the selected actions. And they work when selecting multiple actions. For example, imagine you have 4 actions and want to move the first 2 one position down, so the third one will placed first:

  • Press SHIFT + ↓ to select the first 2 actions
  • Press ALT + ↓ to move the selected actions 1 position down

You can check all the shortcuts zendone support in our help docs.

Evernote syncing without running any zendone app

Now zendone will sync your Evernote notes without having to run a zendone app (web or mobile). A great use case is when you want to quickly create an action using an app that integrates with Evernote. No need to run zendone to have your GCal event created.

Android app out of beta

Some weeks ago we announced the beta version of our Android app. Since today the app will be available in Google Play for every one.

The beta period has been really useful to fix all the major bugs the app had. There are still a bunch of things to polish and many new features to add, but we feel the app is stable enough for everyone.

New video

We have a new video introducing zendone. The video we had was pretty outdated and had a poor quality. Now we have used the services of the great folks at wyzowl and it looks so much better. We will include it really soon in the home page but you can see how it looks now:

Next steps

In the past months we have completed some critical milestones in our roadmap: releasing premium plans for zendone and also our official apps for iPhone and Android. The web app is very stable and our user base is growing steadily.

There are a lot of new features we would like to see in zendone and we can finally start working on them. Our goals for the next year is to take zendone to the next level by adding a bunch of features we consider a must. As usual, we would like to share our short-term roadmap for the incoming weeks and months:

  • Web app: we will implement the tickler, a core GTD feature we have wanted to implement for a long long time. We are finally starting to work on it and, as always, we believe it will be awesome.
  • Android app: we will add context and next actions filtering. A process screen for the android will come after those.
  • iPhone app: we will add the next actions filter.

Changelog for version 1.0.3

Jul 14, 2013


  • New premium option: Print your actions in both Do and Review & Organize


  • In the process screen, the project selector will show the projects filtered by the area selected. There is a new “All” area option if you want to see all your projects.
  • New option for moving selected actions up and down via popup menu and via ALT+UP or ALT+DOWN shortcuts
  • New option for moving selected actions to the top or to the bottom via popup menu and via ALT+SHIFT+UP or ALT+SHIFT+DOWN shortcuts
  • Alphabetical sorting for selectors of projects, delegated users and Evernote notebooks
  • zendone will sync with Evernote in the background even when you don’t have any zendone app running

Bug fixes

  • Failed to export excel when your data contained certain characters.

Android beta

May 28, 2013

We are really excited to announce that we will start beta-testing our official Android app this very same week. The Android app has been our most demanded feature since we started. For a long time we have been saying that we were working on it. Today we can say the app is finally here. You are going to be able to try it starting this Friday.

How does it looks like

Our Android app is native, it works offline and it looks just gorgeous:

We haven’t ported our iPhone app to Android. Esteban, our Android developer, has worked hard with Javier, our designer, to translate zendone’s look into a native Android app that feels like an Android app. We have used the latest Android’s recommended patterns and practices. For example, we have opted for a sliding panel as the main navigation mechanism. This is a common mechanism in Android apps that has been recently standardized by Google.

The app requires Android 2.3 or higher to run. That means that it is compatible with 95% of the Android devices out there. It is prepared to work with different resolutions. We haven’t optimized it for tables yet, but we have had them present when designing the internals of the UI. It’s prepared to be adapted in a near future.


The app offers a Do and Review and Organize panels that are very similar to the web app’s. The Do sections contains your focus, incoming actions and recently completed actions. In the Review and Organize you can see your whole system of actions and projects. You can see Evernote notes attached to actions and edit all their attributes.

Since we started we wanted to leave some functions out for the initial version. We will include them in future versions:

  • Process your inbox
  • Filter actions by context
  • A next filter as in the web app

How to join the beta process

We will start with an open beta. All the people can subscribe to it. But please, notice that it is a beta. The app, specially in the early versions, will contain bugs. So please, consider waiting a few weeks more if what you want is a polished version.

If you want to participate in the beta process please sign up in our group. We will start the beta process this Friday 31st of May. You will receive a link for joining the during that day.

You can submit bugs or suggestions in our community site and also privately sending an email to

Thanks for your patience

Today is a huge milestone for us. We know that you have been waiting too much time for it. We are incredibly thankful for your patience and continuous support.

We really hope you enjoy the Android app. We are very proud of the app and we believe that, combined with the excellent Evernote apps out there, it covers the most important mobile use cases for Android users. We intend to keep improving it in future versions. But we think that waiting with the app in your hand is a much better state than without it.

Also, we have prepared a bunch of nice updates for the web app. We will release a new version in the next days. And the same for the iPhone app. Stay tuned!